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Data at Rest

Situation: Patient records are stored on the hospital's servers.
With Encryption: All records are encrypted. A cyberattack breaches the server security, but the attackers cannot decipher the encrypted patient data. The confidentiality of patient information is maintained.

Outcome: Despite the breach, there's no compromise of patient data. The hospital maintains its reputation, avoids legal consequences, and complies with health privacy laws like HIPAA.

Data at Rest

Use Case: Secure Patient Record Transfer

Situation: A large hospital needs to transfer patient records to a specialist clinic for consultation.

Without Encryption:

Patient data could be intercepted during transfer, leading to a breach of sensitive information.

With Noumerica Encryption Service:

Data in transit is encrypted using advanced protocols, ensuring that even if intercepted, the information remains unreadable. The specialist clinic receives the data securely and decrypts it using a secure key, maintaining patient confidentiality.

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