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Noumerica is based in Saskatoon, Canada, and was founded by 5 experts in healthcare and data security with collectively more than 50 years experience. The algorithm was first invented by Dr. Artur Sowa who is a mathematics professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Later on, four other co-founders joined Dr. Sowa to further develop the algorithm and proof the concept for different types of data including image, audio, and text. The founders are: 

Grant Harris

Elias Hassani, CEO, Graduate Student, Electrical engineering, UoS  


Grant Harris, CTO, Graduate Student, Engineering Physics, UoS



Dr. Artur Sowa, Advisor, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, UoS


Francis Bui - 2023.jpg

Dr. Francis Bui, Advisor, Associate Professor, Biomedical and Electrical Eng., UoS


Jonathan Norton.jpeg

Dr. Jonathan Norton, Advisor, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, UoS 

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