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Noumerica focuses on safeguarding data security in healthcare, IoT, E-commerce, insurance companies, etc. through a proprietary technology.

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One of the key factors in data security is the speed of encryption and decryption. ​For instance, in healthcare, data should be secured and recovered in a real-time manner. Conventional technologies slow down the data management process to the point that sometimes encryption might be skipped. Noumerica's solution has the highest speed compared to all traditional and other state-of-the-art technologies and provides real-time speed. 


Data encryption can be a complex process especially when it comes to legacy systems. It might be required to transfer data constantly to a third-party software for encryption. In Noumerica, we offer a plug-in approach; consequently, there is no need for a third-party platform. Our technology is compatible with all legacy software and there is no need for implementing hardware. 


Noumerica uses a proprietary technology for data security. The algorithm used in our technology follows all security standards. The encryption algorithm is based on symmetric-key cryptography. The key length is so big that a brute-force attack is infeasible even with a quantum computer. 

In healthcare, Lossless encryption ensures that healthcare data remains unchanged during transmission and storage. This helps to maintain the accuracy and trustworthiness of medical records, ensuring that healthcare professionals can rely on the information for diagnosis and treatment. 

High Speed

Plug-in Approach

Top Security 


Hospital Sector
Insurance Sector
IoT Sector
E-commerce Sector
Gov and Def Sector

Why Noumerica: 

Data Encryption in healthcare can be a complex and time-consuming process duo to the size of the data and the encryption speed. As a result, data might be transferred to the cloud or to another center without any means of encryption. According to IBM, in 2022, the average cost of a breach in healthcare was double digit and it was $10.1 M. Breach in healthcare can be catastrophic and severely affect both the institution and patients. Some of the most important consequences are: 

  1. Lawsuit cases

  2. Ransom money

  3. Increased cyber insurance premiums

  4. Financial penalties from regulators

  5. Cost for improving security

  6. Substantial remediation costs

  1. Data release in dark web

  2. Identity theft & fraud

  3. IT outages for weeks

  4. Disrupted patient’s care in Healthcare

  5. Increasing mortality rates in Healthcare

It is important to note that these consequences are not just for healthcare institutions. In many other sectors including insurance, e-commerce, IoT, government and defense, etc. data is sensitive and needs to be kept confidential while at rest and in transit. At Noumerica, the utilized algorithm is the fastest and strongest compared to the bench market algorithms like AES. Moreover, the technology can be layered out on top of the existing platforms. Consequently, it is interoperable with the legacy systems without any need for changing the underlying hardware. 

Noumerica VS Status Quo Process




  1. Co. Launch, Cohort 11: Noumerica  got accepted into Co. Launch in Feb 2023 and made its to the finale. In the finale, Noumerica, received the People's Choice Award. 

  2. TNT Summit VII: Noumrica made its way into the top 20 startups in SK. 

  3. SIGMA, Summer 2023

People's Choice Award, Co. Launch


Co. Launch, Phase I


SIGMA, Summer 2023


Co. Launch, Phase II


TNT Happy Hour, Spring 2023


TNT Top 20, Spring 203


UP Conference, Spring 2023


Noumerica @ Collider

TNT Top 20, Spring 203

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